As we no longer have a Tuff Truck, we no longer need a car trailer – so who wants it?
Great for taking broken Range Rovers home back from Milbrodale. Also great for storing them for extended periods. This trailer actually made the Wild Badger actually get to places. But now the Badger is gone – we don’t need the trailer.
Beefy pieces of metal welded together and then weathered for that rustic, raw look. This trailer also features dips for your monster truck tyres to sit in and dip drain oozing mud on to the earth below. No tail gate tells people stuck behind that you mean business (at any time – so stay back). Low enough to look pro and drive straight on, or unscrew the equally tuff ramps and drive up in comfort. Has front and rear dolly jacks, so it can stand without your trusty tow vehicle (no need to drag the trailer to the pub). Hooking up is done with a standard ball and shoe with a flat 7 pin connector. Reflectors in the right places, LED lights in the rear and a break-a-way system at the front, what more do you want? It even has a tool box and spare tyre!

Width 2m (deck) 2.5m (total)
Length 4.4m (deck) 6.25m (total)
Comes with Rego (but it’s due soon)
Sell for $3,000 ono.
NOTE: See photo – car does not come with trailer (fortunately it’s sold already).


After nearly 2 years of trying to sell the Badger we finally has some success (something…at last).

At the end of 2015, Warren Lewis showed interest in the Range Rover and eventually decided to take it off our hands. Warren has competed in the Tuff Truck Challenge many times before in a massive black Jeep on huge tyres with super strong axles – it’s the closest “Tuff Truck” to a “tank” there is. So even though the Rangie is big, compared to most the Suzukis and chopped Hiluxes it’ll be a decent downsize for Warren.

Black Dog

Location Photography by Offroad Images © 2011

The Jeep’s 2015 Details

Warren plans on running the Range Rover (now called the “Land Dog”) in the 2016 event at Milbrodale in April. We dropped the motor up to him at the December Tuff Truck social and he seems pleased with the way it ran and moved (“it was a an easy fix to get the motor going” – easy if you know what you’re doing!). He’s done a few of the mods needed to pass scrutineering and enlarged the rubber from 37″ to 40″.

We’ll be back up at the event and watching on eagerly whenever the Wild Badger Land Dog is on the tracks.

See the 2016 entry

The “Cape Crew” continues (and always will – Tim just added to the troupe when he gave birth to his second kid Ethan – congrats) but these days it’s more about mountain bike riding (much easier to keep a bike working than a Range Rover, and a heap cheaper … we’ll for some – I think Al spends most his paychecks on his bike and gear).

See you out there.


Own your own Tuff Truck – nearly half price!

1 Tuff Truck Range Rover for sale - near new, never competed

half the hassle – half the price

After finally getting the Wild Badger ready enough to load on to the trailer for the the 2014 Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge, it was a sad day for our team/mates when a few small issues meant we’d come so far yet not smoked the cigar by failing to compete. While we can say it was an issue with the engine, it was really a lack of time and testing that kept us from competing. Unfortunately we don’t see this changing any time soon…

So it’s time for her to go!

This is basically like buying a new car – it’s only been on and off the trailer a few times and driven around the parking lot. If you’ve wanted to enter the Tuff Truck Challenge or team up and compete in Toperi or just play in the scrub in a tough looking, fat sounding offroad beast, here’s your chance without all the hardwork (but still with plenty of room to make it your own).

As usual the sum of the parts is much greater than the $25,000 we are selling for. Below is a full list of the expenses that have gone into making this beast. HIGHLIGHTS: Comes with registered trailer and many spares including chromo spare axles and a spare holden 5L motor (drop it in and your ready to compete).

See specs of the Badger at

Contact us for more details

Item Cost
Wild Bitch (original Range Rover #1) -$6,900.00
Trailer -$1,500.00
Swivel Kit & Carrier Bearings -$274.30
Air Shocks + Steering Ram -$2,400.00
Steering Ram -$600.00
Spares car (original Range Rover #2) -$900.00
Hunter rivmasta -$250.00
Lukeys -$400.00
AutoParts world – wiring -$445.00
Oil + Bolts -$46.81
Battery -$280.00
Bolts + Cable + Rubber -$60.90
RaceTech Knuckles -$260.50
Battery Strap + nuts -$16.89
Trans Oil (AutoBahn) -$69.98
Steering Oil (Robbos) -$74.00
Rad Hose + Fluid -$18.95
SCA Bolts + Batt Leads -$60.90
Fuel Tank Caps -$58.86
SCA Fan Belt + Jerry -$45.28
Kwik Fix -$758.66
1way Fuel valve -$60.00
Oil, Grease, Filter -$89.96
Steel Plates -$264.96
Shellite -$26.34
Bolts + Mig Wire -$35.84
Bolts + Trailer Light -33.4
Spray Paint -$108.90
Bolts -$28.74
Air Filter + Nuts -$53.40
Trailer Lock -$24.87
Rear Panels -$40.00
Fork Oil -26.95
Trailer Wire -$46.45
Trailer Clips -$4.70
Fuel Tank Nut + Hose -$12.43
Horn -$15.95
Trailer Blue Slip -$100.00
All Barred up – Spare axles -$350.00
Overkill -$150.00
Trailer Bolts -$7.00
Ring and Pinion -$1,100.00
Rover Rims -$1,500.00
37″ treps -$2,160.00
Nissan Diffs -$2,250.00
Rear winch -$100.00
Front Winch -$850.00
Diff breathers -$50.00
front suspension -$672.00
front detroit locker -$720.00
wheels -$950.00
PSC steering -$1,900.00
Plasma bits -$120.00
Rear Airlocker and bearings -$1,365.00
Spares car -$600.00
Ashcroft -$2,958.00
Suspension bolts -$120.00
Steel -$50.00
Rear suspension brackets -$732.00
5mm Steel -$80.00
Brackets drilled out -$120.00
rear disconnect deposit -$600.00
perspex for window -$100.00
coil/distributer (KLR) -$140.00
harness Tabs -$22.00
Brackets and steel -$70.00
diff gasket -$15.00
Lukey fab work -$400.00
wheel nuts -$45.00
bowlsys axles -$1,875.00
swaybar -$629.00
Diff gasket and bumps – Patrolapart -$148.50
Flexi rad hose -$22.00
Fairlead -$55.00
auto cooler -$115.00
gearbox output gear – ashcroft -$140.84
gasket – bmi -$10.00
Autoparts World – Wiring -$490.00
sheet metal -$690.00
C&N Bolts for diff -$21.00
Repco – diff oil, Mig wire, hose clamps -$84.00
Hawkesbury Hydraulics – brake hose /fittings -$280.00
SCA brake fluid -$30.00
Overkill – wiring, fix steering, install handbrake -$1,150.00
Spotlight -window net material -$47.95
C&N – misc fasteners -$17.89
AutoParts World -tail lights and solvent -$43.50
C&N misc. Bolts -$111.78
Autopartsworld – Paint -$78.00
C&N – Hub bolts -$18.50
Ebay – rubber pinch weld -$50.00
Ebay – window net fitting -$112.85
Ebay – ratchet straps -$35.00
Autoparts world – spare belts/ red paint -$36.00
SCA – flexi hose spare -$22.49
All Barred up – spare axles -$350.00
Ebay – fairlead -$55.00
stainless steel -$90.00
Overkill -$150.00
Cup Holders -$50.00
Tarp (trailer & camping) -$96.00
RaceTech Steal [SPONSOR] – Rollcage -$4,000.00
AussieTough Lights [SPONSOR] – Lightbar/Light Strips -$400.00
Dirt Devil Ind [SPONSOR] – Misc Parts -$300.00
Buba Bub Dubba [SPONSOR] – Window Nets -$40.00
TOTAL -$48,535.22

Down under – Sponsorship Opportunity

Cash sponsor needed!

We have a big slab of raw metal down under that we are making available for an innovative sponsor. The under side of a vehicle may not seem like a highly visible position to market your brand but in an event where rollovers are part and parcel of competing, it’s the place to be seen. Everyone loves the raw energy of a big beast the wrong side up and unable to continue (well maybe not ‘everybody’, esp. the driver) but it sure makes for great spectacle and gets the cameras panning. A rolled over vehicle is probably the most amount of time a vehicle is standing still in the masses eye – so why not take advantage of this an slap you brand up there (or is that down there?).

Cape Crew are making this position available for $1500 for the full three day Tuff Truck weekend. As noobies in more ways than one (this will be the first real drive) you can be pretty much guaranteed we’ll be wrong-side-up a few times. And for an extra $500 we’ll guarantee to put it on its side in a prominent event 🙂

As we understand sponsorship with Tuff Events (the official event management) is all closed for this year, so team sponsorship may be your only way to get noticed at this years Tuff Truck challenge. So why not do it with a brand new team with an already good following? All eyes will be on us (scary)!

Contact us now to discuss this unique marketing opportunity.

3 plates:

  • 370 × 1100mm – Useable space on 2 side plates
  • 800 × 500mm – Centre plate

See some great rollover/under carriage snaps taken by Offroad Images at Tuff Truck:

Our Challenge

Even before our first event we are feeling the challenge of entering Tuff Truck.

Looking online though the entrants lists you get the feeling that most trucks are built in the owner/drivers shed, probably next to their house or in their businesses workshop. Somewhere that they hang out quite often. With many teams having a principle sponsor with a name based off the drivers name or initials, you could guess that their business involves fabrication or machinery and building a tuff truck is just a fun way for them to show off their handy work.

The “challenge” for us has been that we (driver and nav) both work in desk-job service roles in the city. We don’t have sheds and by the time we get home from our daily commute and have dinner, there’s not a whole lot of time or enthusiasm left to start following wire, hunting for shorts.

Fortunately, from the beginning Peter Blake from Fast Torque / Racetech Steel does have a shed (a bloody big one and well stocked too) which he has been super generous by allowing us to park our “bucket of bolts” in for the last three years while we join the bits together. He’s also been on hand to help brainstorm some ideas. Unfortunately he’s not just around the corner (over 30 mins from both our houses) so we haven’t been there as much as we should have (on average we’d get there less than 1 day a week) making for a long drawn out build.

So given the challenge we’ve had before even getting to Tuff Truck getting it off the trailer and firing it up in Milbrodale is a win for us in itself.

Alex in Top Gear

At this years Tuff Truck, Alex spoke to Andrew Chesterton a writer from Top Gear about Tuff Truck. The article has now been published on the Top Gear International website and will appear in both the Australian and UK magazines in the coming months. In the motorsport world, you don’t get many magazines as big as Top Gear – this is amazing publicity for Alex and the Cape Crew.

Read the article on the Top Gear website

Alex talks to Top Gear about competing at Tuff Truck

Alex talks to Top Gear about competing at Tuff Truck

Featured: Extreme Off-Road Addiction #6

Featured again!!! Not only is the Wild Badger coming along in leaps-and-bounds, but so is our publicity. This week the 6th issue of Extreme Off-Road Addiction (XORA) went on sale with a 3 page feature on “The Cape Crew”. XORA interviews Alex and Rowan about how the team came to be, how we named the vehicle and who’s helped us along the way. We hope readers enjoy our story and thank Rick and Rob from EMG for the coverage of the team and our sponsors.

Also early this week we reached 200 “likes” on Facebook (so we are seeing about a 300 person “reach” with each update we do) – also of interest is that our followers all seem to be a big bunch of 4×4 fanatics with the “like” list a collection of different 4×4’s for each followers profile picture – this is a great opportunity for our sponsors to get intouch with “real offroad buyers”.

Look for Extreme Offroad Addiction Issue 6 at your local newsagents this month or download a PDF of the feature.

Off-Road Addiction Magazine

Offroad Addiction Magazine Clipping

The Wild Bitch written up in Offroad Addiction Magazine

We’re on a roll – following on from a team snap taken at this year’s Tuff Truck, the Wild Bitch features in Offroad Addiction Magazine. The photo was taken (as mentioned in the mag) on the way back from East Gippsland down in Vic where we brought the rig. It’s funny looking back at the “capable” rig we brought way back in Aug last year (wow… it’s been nearly a year) – this is what we have today:

July photo of the Wild Badger

Wild Badger – mix of the old Wild Bitch & the Honey Badger

Not much remains of the old “Wild Bitch” (blue Rangie) – half the chassis and the mechanics (sans-diffs). Most of it has been sold-off. The original body = gone, the tyres = gone, the diff = gone. We still have the sliders, bumper bar and tray – all for sale, so make us an offer.

Follow us on Facebook for more build updates or on the Rock Racing 4×4 forum

Off-Road Addiction Tuff Truck Special

Just because we didn’t have the Wild Badger ready in time for this years Tuff Truck Challenge didn’t mean we weren’t going to be represented at the event. We had one of our biggest groups yet. Thanks to the boys at OPW we were able to nab some prime real estate in the camping ground and set up Cape Crew HQ with plenty of Colo High boys and most of the crew that took that epic trip back in 2003 from the Hawkesbury to the top most tip of Australia and back (TTC is like our yearly crew reunion). Our Major Sponsor Racetech Steel saw the opportunity with our big group presence and decked the boys out with plenty of stickers and some nice bright white t-shirts (well they were white once; after 3 days camping out in the bush it’s hard to even keep your teeth white).

Photo Opp

With refreshments in-hand and some more in the mobile ice box we headed down to the show-and-shine to get the first looks at all the new rigs for 2012. Standouts where Half Cut (also local Hawkesbury boys), Team Wheelboyz (we really wanted to steal ideas see this as the frame similar to what we want), and the monster last-minute entrant – The Proclaimer (an FJ 40 on hugh 54″ tyres).

While doing the rounds we were snapped by Offroad Images in-front of Phil Noble’s jacked up Evolution 4×4 Nissan Patrol. The photo made it into the feature story of the Tuff Truck Special Edition of Off-Road Addiction Magazine.

5 people posing in front of 4x4

Camp Cape Crew members at the Show & Shine – Tuff Truck Challenge 2012

So even without a Truck ready to roll – we are still getting some great exposure for our sponsors. Are you interested in sponsoring us?

New vehicle name: Wild Badger

For a team that is yet to build a complete car, some may find it hard to keep tabs on all the cryptic names we’ve been using on Facebook, so here’s the break down:

  • Wild bitch: the original concept name for the zebra striped Rangie that was never meant to be. “Bitch” was a homage to crazy Bob and his Red Bitch). “Wild” was from the paint job (“Wild animal”).
  • Honey Badger: a name taken from this viral video (60+ million views) used for Rowan’s donner $1000 car/rust bucket. “it’s runs backwards”. This white junk box only had its engine going for it – a GM 308. We thought painting the body black and leaving the roof white would make it look pretty “bad ass”.
  • Wild Badger: So now that both vehicles have been mixed and matched, so should the name; so we’ve come up with the new improved, child friendly name of Wild Badger a bit more kid friendly than Honey Bitch as suggested by the ever saucy Katie Blake (who, insistently, suggested we have strippers for our team parties…. Nice!)
Honey Badger

Honey Badger